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Japan has always attracted Westerners with its amazing nature, mysterious traditions, and unusual cuisine. In addition to being one of the most developed countries and an industrial giant, Japan is home to some of the most beautiful and admirable women in the world. For Europeans and Americans, the fantastic features of Japan are often associated with local women. The life of women in the Land of the Rising Sun is shrouded in secrets and rumors.

The men of Western civilization have always admired Japanese girls and geishas. The refined manners of geishas were more in line with the ideas of foreign men about the female ideal. While dancing, Japanese geishas knew how to show with elusive hand movements that they were spinning a thread, picking flowers, or catching fish. There is so much feline softness and birdlike grace in all Japanese women that any man becomes imbued with the exciting beauty of these females.

Japanese Mail Order Brides

А Japanese wife should cover her mouth when smiling, look down, and avoid eye contact with the man by her side. Women from other countries can hardly be compared with Japanese ladies in terms of politeness, gentleness, and courtesy. At all times, marrying a Japanese girl was almost an obligatory component of professional activities for Western specialists studying the culture of this country. Many Americans who have been in Japan after World War II selected Japanese women as their life partners.  

Why Are Japanese Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Japan is a country of amazing culture and no less astonishing beauty standards. Namely, the natural beauty and pretty appearance of contemporary Japanese girls attract men from other countries. These women often turn to beauticians for perming their eyelashes or even resort to eyelid surgery to look like Caucasians. However, breast augmentation surgery is not popular in Japan, since overly convex parts of female bodies are still considered abnormal.


A beautiful Japanese wife should be petite. The diminutiveness of Japanese girls is a centuries-old trend. It is believed that the lower the height and weight of a girl, the more likely she is to attract the attention of successful men. Besides, a big head is considered sexy. Japanese women find it beautiful when the face is small and the head is large. To meet this beauty ideal, Japanese girls even use special tapes to reduce facial contours.


Japanese brides are known for their perfect skin, fresh complexion, and long-lasting youth. A proverb says that a fair complexion hides seven flaws in a girl. According to Japanese standards, a girl’s skin should be whiter than snow. Light-color skin is associated with health, wealth, and well-being. For many centuries, sunburned dark faces have been acceptable only for representatives of the lower strata of the population. Even today, Japanese girls do not like sunbathing and avoid leaving their homes without using special creams.

Eyes and Hair

Another beauty trend is big eyes. To match this standard, Japanese women have long mastered all the subtleties of applying makeup, and they can easily turn their narrow eyes into large and round ones. Until recently, it was not customary for Japanese women to wear glasses because the latter used to hide the beauty of the eyes. Also, hair has long been considered a symbol of female beauty in this oriental country. And the longer they are, the prettier their owner seems. Many Japanese women do not want to cut their hair and prefer to buy extravagant wigs of bright colors.


Small body frames are preferable in Japan. Most Japanese women have perfect and slim figures thanks to proper nutrition. Throughout their lives, they adhere to a long diet tradition. Generally, their diet is based on rice and seafood. Also, Japanese women regularly drink green tea and often use cool tea as a toner. This natural alternative contributes to clear and glowing skin with reduced pores. Contemporary Japanese girls are obsessed with losing weight. Apart from diets, they maintain shape with everyday physical exercises.

Japanese Brides Know How To Support Their Men

Japanese Brides

Girls in Japan cannot be smarter, stronger, and faster than guys. Even if this is so, these women should be delicate towards men, that is, they should give in or pretend. Also, girls are not allowed to talk loudly, communicate arrogantly or impolitely, as well as show their leadership in one way or another. It is also a shame to draw attention of a guy using gestures or particular actions, as well as demonstrate any signs of interest to a young man they liked. In Japan, it is considered a bad form to invite a man to a cafe, and also to hug or kiss him in public, even on the cheek.

According to tradition, a Japanese wife must be the standard of obedience and harmony. Marriage in Japan prescribes strict roles for husbands and their wives. The man is the head of the family, and the wife should be content with a subordinate position and take care of the household. However, times are changing and modern Japanese women are combining their business and caring for their husbands and children. A Japanese wife can always listen to hei husband, give him advice, or cheer him up in difficult situations.

Amazing Mothers

Women in Japan are family-oriented. Girls are brought up with the idea that they will be responsible for their homes in the future. There are women in Japan who pay close attention not only to ensure that children are fed and neatly clothed but also to their education. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity when even 20-year-old adolescents are taken by their mothers to the university exams. Such women are called “kyoiku mamas”, who are often compared to American mothers who, by all means, are trying to shove their child into Hollywood.

Despite certain stigmatization, other Japanese women usually envy the success of such moms’ children. A Japanese wife usually looks after the house and children, and the husband does not help her much, since he has to earn money for the family. In such a frantic rhythm, Japanese women face a choice — either have a husband and children or pursue a business career. If a woman chooses a family, she may become financially dependent on her husband. It is no wonder that contemporary Japanese women are not in rush to get married and have kids.

Impressive Homemakers

Japanese women are rightly considered to be the best housewives in the world. Even now, these women spend more time in the kitchen than wives from other countries. Traditionally, a man is not supposed to do housework in this country. When the husband returns home from work, a freshly cooked dinner should be on the table and the rooms should be clean, regardless of whether the Japanese wife is employed or not. In the morning, the man expects to have a delicious and hearty breakfast, as well as a pre-prepared box of food for his dinner at work. 

Apart from household chores, a Japanese wife often takes responsibility for family finances and childcare. Sometimes a spouse does not see his earnings, because his salary is immediately transferred to his wife’s bank account, and only then he receives pocket money from her. However, many believe that Japanese women have become too strong and independent. At present, Japan has already become a world leader in an aging population. The reason is that young Japanese do not seek to get married and devote all their effort to their families.

Is My Japanese Wife Going to Continue Working?

Japanese Wife

A law according to which women were given equal employment rights with men has passed in Japan only in 1985. However, it is still more challenging for Japanese women to find a good job than for men. Even if a woman has more knowledge and experience, employers often give preference to a man. And after getting married, a pregnant woman can face a forced dismissal instead of maternity leave. Therefore, contemporary women in Japan try to get married and have children after they have made a career.

Since young people practically do not have free time, a new phenomenon “Marriage, Not Dating” has appeared. Nowadays, the majority of Japanese women get married after the age of 30, and men — after 35. Also, it is customary not to delay the birth of a child after marriage. At the same time, the birth of a child out of wedlock is not encouraged by society. Not all women can work and take care of their families at the same time. Therefore, many Japanese women leave their jobs and devote themselves to family and home. 

Why Are Japanese Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Despite cultural differences, Japanese brides most often choose Chinese men, but many of them also seek to marry US citizens. Japanese girls prefer foreigners because there are more women than men in Japan. Therefore, not every girl manages to find an enviable groom. Some Japanese women are also reluctant to play traditional roles and tend to live up to Western standards. Another reason is that real estate in Japan is very expensive. Japanese brides can solve this problem by marrying a wealthy man and moving to another country.

What a Japanese Wife Looks for in Foreign Men?

For a Japanese wife, living in a foreign country can seem a scary endeavor, but we can consider more and more happy marriages among Japanese and non-Japanese nationals over the past few years. Japanese girls do not always like local guys and their aspirations. In Japan, marrying a foreigner is considered as achieving a certain social status. If a Japanese girl gets married to a successful foreigner, her whole family will be happy.

h3 Be Romantic

Japanese girls often perceive local guys as inexperienced late bloomers, who do not know how to approach girls. Japanese women who married foreign bachelors say they loved the way their Western boyfriends courted them before wedding. Foreign men are more expressive in their feelings, and this makes Japanese women feel like real ladies.

h3 Be Courageous

Many Japanese girls have an opinion that compared to men from other countries, local guys are too shy and inert. Indeed, most Japanese men will think twice before proposing to some foreign girl since such a decision is associated with a lot of embarrassment and challenges. Of course, Japanese brides appreciate those men who are not afraid of difficulties on the road to happy family life.

3 Tips on Meeting Japanese Bride’s Parents

Japanese parents always help their daughters with everything from university entrance to marriage. They traditionally support their girls until their wedding days. Often, parents are even engaged in the matchmaking process since they wish all the best to their daughters. To please your girlfriend’s parents, you should be aware of some national traditions in Japan. 

1. Learn Several Phrases in Japanese

You will produce a good impression if you manage to learn at least several words in the Japanese language. Your knowledge of Japanese dishes can be in handy as well. Ask your acquaintances about the main rules to follow when visiting Japanese houses. You should also bring some gifts to your bride’s parents.

2. Do Not Be Late and Come Well Dressed

Japanese are very punctual people and you should arrive at least five minutes in advance. In Japan, it is customary for a groom to come to the bride’s house dressed in a neat suit and not torn jeans. The first impression about you is crucial. You should look perfect not only in terms of clothes but the overall appearance too. 

3. Be Polite and Respectful

At the entrance, take off your shoes and line them up. At the table, sit straight, be yourself, and confirm your serious intentions regarding the bride. Avoid discussing controversial topics about politics, religion, and so on. After the meeting, you should express your gratitude to her parents. 

What Are The Best Japanese Mail Order Brides Sites?

At present, online dating sites are a very popular and convenient method of getting acquainted with people living in other countries. However, choosing a safe and reliable dating platform can be a challenging task. First, read users’ reviews, be sure of the good reputation, and familiarize yourself with the site’s features and prices. We can recommend such dating websites with many Japanese mail order brides as AsianMelodies, EasternHoneys, DateNiceAsian, OrchidRomance, and Omiai.


Japanese brides have millions of admirers around the world, and many single men are striving to meet them. In turn, Japanese mail order brides have a huge interest in getting to know Western men and possibly start romantic relationships with some of them. Thus, you have all the chances to see how wonderful Japanese girls are when you spend some time and effort. Hopefully, you will make the right decision to choose one of them to be your spouse.

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